Creativity comes in many guises and since I made the decision to give up my business (Inside Design Co) after almost 30 years  and concentrate on my creativity, it seems to have no bounds.  The projects I worked on previously were large and just one could take up to 3 years or more to come to fruition, so most of my creativity was diverted to this.   I don’t miss it at all, in fact I am thriving on the freedom, all the pressures and responsibilities have been lifted, IDC is no more, I had to say goodbye to my team who have supported me over the past years and start a new life.

I have since moved and now enjoy a garden with the most spectacular view of the countryside and the English Channel.

This fountain of creativity wells up and oozes into many areas, painting, writing. paper sculpture, jewellery, making clothes, growing vegetables, making food , book binding, creating little creatures and so much more and you can see some of them in more detail here.  Click on the images for further info

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