The creative mind

Its where the impossible and the possible meet, collide, unite, repel, reform and grow.  Thoughts rise like balloons, floating and playful, growing and dancing in the endless ether of to the mind.  Visiions growing, bubbling up like white fluffy clouds, letters falling like rain, swirling in the breeze until words, then sentances echo in the void.   Where will it take me today, to a land where rivers run with chocolate? , where pixies play their flutes amidst flora and fuana and picnic with tiny lost children, whilst giant footsteps appear like portals through to a world so vivid, so glaringly colourful that I need sunglasses to see. Swirling shapes, bubbles carrying theories, equations, poems, smiles,  visions teasing and allluring  until one bursts and envelops the brain cells with warm glistening inspiration.  Voices, sweet song, happy laughter, sobbing tears filling massive oceans, stern commanding sounds sending endless orders to perform the impossible.

Work hard, fast, perfections in all things, get started, quick, quick, heart beating loud, wheels turning, cogs clonking, rockets firing, a maze of complexities, concavaties, convexities, churning and churning until the pressure  bursts. Explodes into life forms, cascading dreams drip endlessly  over ever hungry tentacles that suck and draw the energy within.  An energy voice that plugs into the universe.

This is what goes on in my creative mind, what goes on in yours?the-creative-mind

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