winter tree in progress

I am starting an all white series of four tree paper cuts, the first a winter skeleton still in progress.  Think the next will have blossom, then a full show of leaves, then a showering of leaves as they shed. tree-winter-in-progress1 All 50 x 50 and in black shadow box frame.  I have also in mind of series of seeds, bean seeds, in stages of growth.  Will post more as I completewinter tree in progress 2

memories, imprinted forever

me-at-sleeping-beauties-castle-small-fileI have had the most amazing birthday anyone could have wished for.  Being 60 I just didnt want the stuffy dinner, wanted to do something that would reflect my passion for life, my very playful,colourful personality and my youthful vitality.  A trip to Disney in Paris just fitted the bill exactly.  My birthday party with Mickey was magical…………….  I remember going to disney in LA for the first time n 1979, it was just as magical this time as it was back then, and I had my beautiful daughter with me again, only this time she has all grown up, a sensible , loving daughter who certainly keeps my feet on the ground !!  

Disney was also responsible for my mum taking her first trip to the USA.  We all went to disneyworld in florida in 1981……….  My mother sadly passed on many years ago in 1992, I miss her greatly, but over the weekend I heard her laughter just as I did all those years ago in the Haunted House, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and of course her fears as she entered space mountain………..  I consider myself an extremely lucky person to have had a mother who was just so beautiful in every way.


off to see Mickey

celebrating my birthday with Mickey Mouse!!  Cannot wait, its a big one this year and wanted it to be fun!!  I cannot begin to tell how it feels to have reached this ripe old age, but I am here to tell the tale and its been a long one full of many, many  ups and a few downs.  I am now beginning to realise I have amassed great knowledge and wisdom that is bursting to get out!!!!!!!!!  My love for my children never ceases to grow as I watch them take their own journey through the decades.  So many memories and so much to look forward to.  Someone told me recently that I have been a simmering pot all these years, but its now beginning to boil and I am going lead a really JUICY life for a very considerable time………..  How amazing is that!