soho moho

MMmm friday I found my sitting in the Soho Hotel (click to see location) sipping my favourite drink MOJITO.  I have drunk this drink in various places around the world but never in its birthplace, Cuba. I have to say Fridays drink took some beating, it was long, packed with crushed mint , sour sweet taste of the lime and  sugar cane juice, and the deep tang or rum, delicious and oh so potent. My friend and I sipped, and sipped, giggled a little, laughed and chatted, until we then decided to travel to Brazil !! and try their lime infused cocktail, a Caipirinha.  Yummy, laughed a lot, by that time feeling a little wobbly!  delicous though, we had another…………………


Mojito recipe

good amount of mint leaves

a lime cut into quarters, save one for decoration

sugar cane juice or sugar syrup

Havana Club 3 yr rum

Crushed ice

Club soda

Put 3 wedges of lime and and 12-14 fresh mint into the bottom of a tall glass, and crush with a wooden muddle (wooden stick) and pulverise the lime and mint together, releasing the lime essential oils and bruising the mint leaves to give off a rich aroma.  

Fill the glass 3/4 full with crushed ice, add 2 tbspns sugar cane juice of sugar syrup and 2 ozs rum.  then top up the glass with soda water…………..  put on some good cuban dance beats and sip away !!≈

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