Awakening – paper cut / sculpture

this is no 2 in the series, when the day light lengthens and mother awakens from slumber, slowly new life begins its upward journey from the darkness, shoots burst through the soil and buds burst open upon the tree, like white frothy lace adorning the the branches,tree-awakening-2tree-awakening-2-detail

4 thoughts on “Awakening – paper cut / sculpture

  1. I love this Carol. Not only the fabulous tree but the way you’ve overlaid the frame. Have you ‘glued’ the tree down anywhere; and I’d love to know what you use to adhere.

  2. Thanks, I am pleased you like my trees. I use 3mm mount tape, its like a flexible foam board that is sticky both sides. It comes in a variety of thicknesses. Be warned though dont fold over a piece to make thicker, cut and layer is best as it “opens” up over time. I like working with trees, have done a couple of series. You can my work altogether on my flickr site.

  3. thanks Carol; yes I know the 3-D foam product. I’ve each of your lovely trees/seasonal; a wonderful concept to work with. I went to check your Flicker site and simply amazed too at your wonderful interior decorating projects; you and your daughter very talented; what a team.

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