One hump or two !!

Surreal detail DSC_1069-EditBeautiful day, hot, blue skies …………..  driving through Glynde, top down, wind in my hair.  Out of the corner of my eye my a brown blur, my intuition was telling me it was a camel!! How random I thought,   so turned around and went back to look.  Sure enough there standing in his magnificent wild splendor at the far end of the field stood this gorgeous camel.  Seeing me, he  walked over, so tall! and so friendly, he just loved me stroking his nose and kept pushing me with his head for more! and when I attempted to photograph him he tried to engulf my lens.

This fine specimen is actually Camelus Bactrianus, a Bactrian camel for short! and his original home would have been Mongolia: a place I visited many years ago, but thats another story, a long one!  

Standing about 9ft tall with fairly long shaggy hair with and very upright humps!  A sure sign he is well fed and looked after.  When a camel is on a long trek and food is scarce it starts to use its stored fat and the “humps” become floppy and lean to one side!!

I read when a camel comes into your life it means that more than ever to trust your intuition for guidance, paying close attention to your senses and what they’re telling you.  That we have a lot more energy and durability for the task ahead than we think we do.  The road ahead maybe difficult and wewont have a lot of support,we must take it with complete trust that we have everything we need within us and that we will succeed.

It ended by saying “you’ll never want for anything” !!Just a stroll in the sussex countryside DSC_1065-EditCamels 1 1061-Edit

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