A taste of Granville island-Vancouver

IMG_2199I eat with my eyes ……..     what do you eat with?  This has to be the best farmers market I have visited.  Row upon row of fresh green salad leaves, so many varieties I lost count, bright red lush tomatoes of all sizes, tiny pearls to big butch meaty globes.  Huge piles of soft fruit, some artfuly displayed in huge pyramid shapes,juicy red and yellow cherries, raspberries, cape gooseberries, strawberries, rambutans, lychees, paw paw, papaya and mangoes.  Then theres the artisan bakers, beautifully worked bread in a myriad of shapes,  pastires, cakes, biscuits, all lined up in their mouthwateringly showiness. 

Huge piles of crushed ice closely conceal the jewel like flesh of super fresh salmon, its orange red flesh just seen below its frozen overcoat.  Here and their a huge crab pincer has broken its icy crust along with the silvery toughened overcoats of the huge spotted prawns.  

Cheeses, fresh pasta, pates, herbs and spices, oriental good, speciality teas and of course the flowers, rows of brightly coloured bloms, heady with perfume, dewy fresh, and screaming out for my camera to capture their magnificense.  

I wondered out among the people, music of pan pipes drifted over, a young man flame thrower was going about his business in the square, people watching, sitting on benches reading, chatting, children laughing.  Strolling along looking in the windows, a dye shop caught my eye, on entering all I could see was basket upon basket of  warm hued wools in every concievable colour and texture, soft mohair, the crispeness of hemp, silk and wool, alpaca, skeins hanging on walls and suspended from the ceiling.  A real sight to behold…….

this place is an experience not to be missed, if you ever find yourself in downtown vancouver its a must see!!

GI rambutan9_2GI cherry pyramids

GI - lilliesGI cherriesGI carrotsGI cherries 2GI radishesGI lemons mouseGI woolIMG_2203

In Transition



I have just joined Transtion Tunbridge Wells, transitions towns are now global.  Please use this link to see the preview of their new documentary http://breadcrumb.tv/~admin/streaming/intransition.html

Its only available until sunday 14fh june. SO WATCH NOW !!The PantilesCalverley GardensThe station

Goodbye little one, I have beautiful memories of you ………


FERDY JUNE 1996 – JUNE 2009


This was the last photo I took of my little Ferdy, I posted it here because he looked so cute.  For the last few weeks he had been losing weight rapidly after having some teeth out, poor little man never really recovered and just wasted away.  He was my constant companion always sitting close and slept nestled by my side.  I alway stroked him first thing on waking, and as soon as I got up he bounded to his bowl for breakfast.  He had many good and well loved years, 13 in total.  His best friend Lily will miss him very muchFerdy.black backgroundDSC00240

David Carradine, memories



I just heard today of the death of David Carradine.  My thoughts took me back to the 70’s and the brilliant TV series Kung Fu, I was young, not long married and my daughter had just had her first birthday.  So long ago…………..

A decade later, I had the opportunity of dancing with him,  it was Boxing Day, we had gone to the Ritz with friends for a 30’s dinner dance.  Remember him being very charismatic, very charming and  a wonderful dancer.  

This is how I shall remember him.