twenty years ago 1989

I cant believe that it was 20 years ago that I sat on this elephant heading up to the Amber fort………..  so long ago, seems like another lifetime.  I was still married then, my mum was still alive, I hadnt had to work since I married and  my daughter had just passed her A Levels,  to celebrate we went off to India together.   India was amazing, it was so inspiring in so many ways, so romantic, riotous colours, incredible architecture, roses, perfumes, silks, textiles embroideries, exotic tasting food.  We stayed in palaces, tents, lakeside hunting lodges, the famous Lake Palace Hotel and even a converted prison.  

Because of the extreme heat we did a lot of things early in the day so was up at the crack of dawn, I remember standing outside the tent (see picture) it was around 6am, we had come to to Pushka to the famous camel fair.  Frenetic was a word that I think describes what it was like, it was full to bursting with overexcited indians, the little alleyways were crammed with people and it was nearly 1oo degree F.  Have to say after a few days of that I was glad to be heading back to a palace stay, nice bath and food without sand in it!.  

Now my daughter is all grown up and lives not too far away, I have run my own business for 16 years , I have nobody to please by myself.  How different my life is now, its like a different life altogether.

However it is so wonderful to have found these photos, they have bought back to me so many happy memories.  I always promised myself I would go back, have been to Goa but not back to the areas my daughter and I travelled together.  I guess its changed so much.

Follow this link for more of india

Elephant rideIND059IND079IND092

Follow this link for more images of my indian travels

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