Papercut Garden

paper flower 1flower picture 2flower picture 3I have spent all day cutting and crimping, folding and sticking ……… this is the result, a garden full of flowers in full bloom (well not quite yet).  I want to capture the fullness, the ripeness, the overflowing abundance, that special moment when a flower becomes perfection in everyway,   Have yet to complete the full range of flowers, but will continue making the shapes I have  made and pleased  with, then make them in a variety of sizes.  My aim is to fully cover two boards 1m square and place in an acrylic shadow boxes.  These are going to hang in an entrance hall of a project I am completing in August.  Will post completed images soon

25 thoughts on “Papercut Garden

  1. Beautiful papercuts. Loved them. There is a good book called
    Grandmas Magic Scissors – all about the art of papercutting.
    But, these are wonderful because they are so multi-dimensional!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Sue for visiting my blog and for recommending the book to me. I am drawn to the flat, more traditional papercuts, but when I start to do them the need to make the shapes grow and leap from the page gets the better of me.

      Thanks Clare I am pleased you like my work,this is the first piece that I looked for flower template on the web. I have to say it was pretty useless for what I was trying to achieve but it did get me trying alternative ways and made me “work” with the paper. The first few were fiddly then I got the feel for the paper and they grew bigger and better. My inspiration for this piece was a summer garden, the house these are being installed in is in the depths of the english countyside then I rememberedI blogged the Chanel spring fashion show , see this post on my blog and you will see why !!

  2. You are amazing!!!! Your work is wonderful…I find that it express powerfully the beauty, the aroma, the inocence and the bright light of white flowers….it must be so fulfilling to create something and to enjoy the results! And I feel that, when the project will be finished and the garden will be in it’s place of honour, the result will be astonishing! I love decoration, especially when is done with such a good taste….maybe I say this because what you do is also my style, but isn’t it everything subjective in the end?
    May the Universe brings you the energy and the patience you need to finish this amazing work!
    Love and Light!

  3. Wow…these paper flowers look wonderful. Your blog is interesting. It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂

  4. I LOVE these!!! I must have them for my studio! I made paper flowers from a template for my girlfriends wedding and they were so labor intensive, but these are so beautiful! How will you affix them to the wall?

  5. Yes they are a labour of love and many hours spent forming these creations. Two hundred in all. they were pinned and glued onto backing board and place in large perspex boxed and wall mounted. Thanks to everyone who visited my site and for your kind comments.

  6. Oh my!!! These are exquisite! Please tell me you have a how-to book available? Or maybe are thinking of doing one?? They’re just LOVELY!!

  7. OH MY GOD these are so wonderful!! I have been trying to make some roses, from boring books, but from the side they always look a little too flat…

    can you tell me what you used to stick the pieces together?

    thank you so much!! these flowers are just SO lovely~!

  8. For some reason when I tried to bookmark this blog, it wouldn’t allow me to save it. I know this is off subject but I am using Netscape Navigator and was wondering if the owner might know why this is so. It only happens on this blog.

      1. Do you think it’s possible to use pages from books? Would be think & smooth as well. Thinking that might be adorable in a child’s room.

  9. hi carol, can u show me step by step to do this type of paper cut. im try so many time its not working..pls carol

  10. Good Evening – I realize this is a rather old post, but I stumbled upon your site and this garden flower concept. I really, really love it. I’m wondering if you are still willing to create one of these pieces in a size for me. Please email me and let me know. Thank you!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that you used watercolor paper, so perfect for something like this. Would love to see you do a book/ tutorial on these flower forms. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Please can you tell me how one makes a template. This will be my first try. I am trying, or should I say wanting to make a back drop wall of giant flowers and small flowers to surround my daughters full length mirror which she will use to dress in front of on her wedding day. I would be so pleased if you could suggest and advise me please.

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