Ready for packing


At last………………… two hundred flowers, 3 trees and over 600 butterflies are now boxed in perspex display cases and ready to be packed in bubble wrap for their 250 mile trip north!!!!!!!  Next photos they will be in situ!!  I cannot begin to express how much joy this project has given me.


Ready for packing 3 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

12 thoughts on “Ready for packing

  1. Hi,
    I love your work, I´m so impressed, and are these flowers you made for Chanel show haute couture ’09? They´re are amazing, You say that you sell individual flowersm can you tell me if you still sell the flowers or just the garden box? I really apreciatte if you could answer me, (sorry for my bad english).
    I adore all paper projects but I don´t konw how to that, last year I made a paper flower ball, with instructions of origami but yours are really unique!

    best regards,
    Ana Gonzalez
    Madrid, Spain

  2. Hello Anna

    thanks for kind comments

    No, sadly I did not make for Channel but I wish I had……… they were definitely an inspiration.

    I have replied to you on flickr

  3. Hello Carol,
    Finally Ann Martin gave me your site link, i am really impressed with your work and need to get in contact with you regarding my new project. i work for a very known design co. targeting luxurious weddings and need to make your fascinating artistic flowers part of my design, would you please send me your mail address to give you all the details? your help will be highly appreciated.
    Best Regards,
    Marwan Maalouf

  4. Hi carol. I am in charge of my son’s 4th grade art project this year, and came across your stunning paper craft. Do you know if there are instructions out there for simple flowers that 10 year olds can do? I would love to be able to wow people at our art auction fundraiser. Thanks!!

  5. Hi Carol,
    This is mafnificent, did you do this with artificial flowers or paper flowers? i would like to try something like this for my hallway but unsure how to bond the flowers to a canvas, othwrwise do you sell these pieces 🙂

  6. I have spotted the canvas with the artificial flowers on Pinterest and have loved it since the moment I saw it. I was wondering do you make them to sell, as I would be very interested in buying.

    1. Hello Christina, thanks for showing an interest in my work. All these pieces were sold I am afraid. At present so busy with my interior design, just have no time to create for the forseeable future

      1. Hi carol thank you for replying. That’s a shame but completely understand. Is there any chance you could kindly tell me a few things. Where you got the box and canvas from and is it white or cream you painted the flowers and is it attached with glue? as I may give this a go.U only need to reply when you have time, 🙂

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