a new meaning to “bums on seats”

wow I came acroos this website this morning,  the thought of something so utiliitarian having such beauty applied  so captivating…….  The rich decoration reminded me of the exquisite spanish leather tooled wall panels that adorned grand Baroque interiors.  I think I might commision one myself!  

Take a look at Kara’s website

Kara Ginther Leather .

Kara's saddle

the wild masculine

Mmmm he stands proud, a jaguar draped across his shoulders.  Its no surprise I felt the need to surround him by horses, they respresent Power, grace, beauty, strength, wildness and freedom.  He represents the masculine energy in us all.  The bronze statue ‘Orpheus’ by Astrid Zydower,  is larger than life and stands in the grounds of Harewood House just outside Leeds, Yorkshire.  Orpheus was the greatest musician and poet of Greek myth, whose songs could charm wild beasts and coax even rocks and trees into movement.  His magnificence radiates from this image.  I put together the image with sky recently taken in malta, the land of the divine feminine, there are so many temples to the goddess here, it compelled me to produce a “balancing” image

statue harewood IMG_2948

she died so young – shoe no.9

this shoe is for my great grandmother ADA, she died long before I was born at the age of 34.  How sad, she left five beautiful children, one of whom was my grandfather.  The shoe is elegant, as she is in the photograph I have of her taken in St Petersburg, Russia around the turn of the century.  This shoe seems more solid, its the first “complete” shoe, by that I mean it has a heel and and is fully enclosed.  Again I printed  my pattern using Ada’s photograph and printed it onto white tissue paper, everything is handmade in paper.  You can see my collection of hand made paper shoes here http://www.flickr.com/photos/8853574@N03/sets/72157622409764848Shoe no.9 Ada Martha 2 IMG_3046shoe no.9 ada martha 4 IMG_3042shoe no.9 ada martha 5 IMG_3041shoe no.9 Ada martha 3 IMG_3045shoe no.9 ada martha 6 IMG_3052

looking back to my future

My grandmother 2 square smALL
Great Grandmother Ada Martha small fileLooking back recently, photos of my  grandmother taken in 1904, pretty starched frilled bonnet and beautiful wide innocent eyes.  Then a photo of my great  grandmother taken around 1900 in Russia,  not long before her death at the age of 34.   So young, to die, with 5 children too, how sad.  She looks so serene, so beautiful.  I dont know much about her only what I have drawn from census information and birth, marriage and death certificates, she died in the UK.  However from what I know all the children, grandchildren and so on  are all very creative.   Through  research I have met many people with the Swindlehurst name and the vast majority are  in the creative arts, architects or designers.  I have my creativity from both sides of the family, maternally and paternally, a double whammy!!

Knowing my genes come from such talented people gives me a real sense of what great gifts have been passed down to me,  and to my very talented children………….  and hopefully one day to theirs

The above images have been digitally enhanced with many layers

Margorie Rose Memories – paper shoe no. 8

Marjorie  Rose was my grandmother

an amazing woman who passed on her gift of creativity to me.  Shoe no.8 is dedicated to her memory.  Handmade in paper and tissue printed with images of my grandmother as a young child.  Have so many happy memories of her, a fantastic cook, made absoloutely everything from her clothes to summer and winter soft furnishings.  Made clothes for me as a child and always an identical dress or coat for my doll.  Wedding dresses, wedding cakes, christmas cakes and puddings, christmas crackers, tree decorations,  surreal savoury birthday parties for me to curried eggs and pineapple upside down cake.  She was a treasure, died back in 1987 and buried locally.




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