symbiotic relationships – Nureyev and Fontaine

yesterday I posted an image of one of the most powerfully beautiful images of the male form.  It belonged to Nureyev.  What took me along that path was researhing old leather panelling.  One of Nureyev’s numerous homes had a room lined out in it, very sumptous interior, exotic, lavish, just like him.  i read his autobiography a couple of years ago, what a man………..

I also came across a docudrama advertised and watched it on iplayer, the relationship between himself and Margot Fonteyn.  Their presence was electric, their passionate romance was clear to see in their dance, their symbiotic moves, like their relationship was as enriching for them as it was to everyone who watched them.   His raw passion, his exotic background, his youth, his strength and determination fired her with a renewed vigour for her dance at a time when she was just about to retire.  Nureyev said about her “At the end of Lac des Cygnes when she left the stage in her great white tutu I would have followed her to the end of the world” and he did.   Margot, twenty years older and already married, their physical relationship eventually struggled and came to an end when margot made the decision to retire and nurse her then invalid husband at their Panama farm. They danced again one more time after this in 1989, when she was 69 and Nureyev 54.  There emotional symbiosis lasted until  she died of cancer at the the age of 72 in 1991.

Nureyev continued to be a  legend in his own lifetime, his tempestous, lavish lifestyle, his amazing vitality and fame continued.  However in the 80’s this began to wain, displeasing audiences with his less than perfect performances.  Aids had probably began to take its toll, he denied it though and wouldn’t admit to having it right up to his death at the age of 56 in 1993 , 2 years after Margot’s death.  Knowing how they lived for each other, no decisions were made without each others approval, he talked to her weekly, paid her medical bills, visited her in Panama,  did he give up his fight for life after her death, could he no longer survive without her?   I wonder?

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