Creative food, or not?

A creative chicken no less, decorated for a king, had to be Louis XIV didnt it………………    Is this food to be seen or eaten, some I have shown this to thinks its totally offputing, black chicken?  Well I beg to differ, I think this has real wow factor.  Not sure I would “style” it with green chrysanthemums but thats just “my” taste, however, the idea of decorating a chicken  like this is magic.

I can imagine a lavish black banquet,  and extravaganza of deep burgundy black rose heads, dark baby abubergines and black cherries tumbling forth from a tall black cyrstal cake stand with chicken atop!!

Miss Tennenbaum has gone to the the trouble of showing us how to do it.  YOu can see this and so much more on her wonderful site, oh and by the way this is not a cooking website but a wonderful blog from a very talented young lady.  click here to visit her blog


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