Kirsty winter bunny

And we still have snow!!!  Kirsty, being creative with the longest icicles ever!!  My winter bunny !

Location: Warbleton

Snow:  the universe

Icicles: Mother Nature

Hat: Findhorn via Peru

Gloves: models own

smile:  much love

Model: Kirsty

Kirsty: Carol Gearing

Photographer: Yao

2 thoughts on “Kirsty winter bunny

  1. I just heard on the news that you have gotten quite the snopocalypse over there, and people have resorted to stealing salt! Last year we had it in Seattle. It was horrible. So horrible that the mayor didn’t get re-elected because of it (and because of some other things too). So I guess now it’s everyone else’s turn. Stay warm!!

  2. Thanks Michael, although it looks magical, the ramifications of the ice and snow are beginning to build and we seem to be grinding to a halt. We are expected to have this weather for the next 10-15 days !

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