George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg together design amazing interiors, based in Toronto and New York.  These are some of their interior images, but look at their website for some very simple and stylishly impactful interiors.

and another three……..

This little trio of stamp treasures were created by my Number One Son,  these and the rest of the collection were displayed at the Tate Modern when he was asked to give a talk there,  See more about him  on Culture 24. He has just completed a set of money which has amazing detail, watch this space.

I just love odd numbers, something different about them, like they don’t want to be the norm.  However as INDECOROUS TASTE stated on her comment, three , five, seven etc, produces harmony when placing objects in any design.  when I place flowers  in a vase its always  one or three or five ……….., never two or four

Number three, I like it, but not everyone does………….

A number that is uncomfortable for some, for me its what I know.  I grew up in a three, mother, father and me until my teenage years; I have many relationships which group in three and it’s comfortable to me.

Why for some is this a threat?  A dear friend of mine likened it to a three-legged stool; if one leg were kicked away then the stool would not stand up.  And of course there is the triangle of persecutor, victim and rescuer, which can play out.  I like to think of this verse in Ecclesiastes spoken by king Solomon “A three-ply cord is not easily severed.”

There is the Holy Trinity, the Three Jewels in Buddhism, in maths it s the first odd prime number and lucky number.  Abraham Lincoln said “Of the People, By the People, For the People”.  Then there are the Three Graces, The fates, the triple headed Goddesses.  Chekov’s famous play the Three Sisters and in sport the Triathlon.  The cycle of life, creation, life and death, the three ages of woman maiden, mother, crone.  So much of life comes at us in three; it’s a joyous number to me, I like it

Tbis piece of work is a paper cut, scanned and digitally manipulated and of course it in THREE !

Whoosh !! – a daily dose of thought.

I still find creative deadlines challenging, I always manage to keep to them and over the years have learnt to pace myself a little better.  I also find I use them to ignite a sense of urgency within me, without them I wouldn’t get anywhere as much work done as I do.  They kind of act like fuel that ignites me into action.  Love them or hate them I NEED them.

Breakfast guest

sunday morning…………  what a treat, not only bacon and eggs which I treat myself to now and again, but Pasha, who shared my weekend.  She is wonderful and has a calm serenity about her…….  She goes back to tonight, I will miss her. Although there is one little lady who will be pleased and that is Lilly my persian beauty.

A walk by the sea

Nothing nicer than a long walk by the sea.  Yesterday, a beautiful but chilly day provided the perfect conditions for just that.  Camber is the  place, a beautiful long sandy beach, it was glorious.  Especially sharing it with a dear friend and my daughters lovely dog Pasha……..

After had  a late lunch at THE GEORGE in Rye followed by a scone with with blackcurrant jam and lashings of cream