Full Moon

The weekend saw the Full Moon in Leo with Venus and Mars astride.  A Full Moon is light (the Sun) fully illuminating what is hidden or unconscious (the Moon) – so that should be viewed as something that the Universe decrees as having arrived at a time when it needs to be exposed and so brought closer to being resolved.   It prompts us to take a good look at how courageous we are. Do we have what it takes to see things through? Are we brave enough to confront what is necessary to make the long-lasting changes? The Sun in Aquarius reminds us to be progressive and creative and learn to take a step back and view things from a more balanced perspective.  To read more see the article on my other website livingenergyhealer.com

This image is one that seems to be evolving since its conception a few weeks ago, it started with thoughts of mother earth, her bounty, her glory, abundance and fullness as she gives birth to our flora and fauna.  My sketch just flowed out across the page, trees blossomed and grew leaves, some had shed them and their roots grew deep in the earth……….  The light of the moon illuminated the trees, and somehow the sun’s journey is traced in the underworld as the moon takes its nightly trip across the skies.

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