moon talk, lashes and jacques renault

Oh wow, the moon last night was so ………………  Oh I dont know,  guess enriching, so full of hope.  it was a perfect end to a perfect day.  My music full on and my body  pulsating to the beats of Jaaques Renault: a brooklyn based DJ his enlivening dance punk ( so wish I could share here but the music thing just cannot get to grips with on wokdpress, anyone out there have the answer?)  tunes just take me to another level.    As I looked out of the windscreen there in front of me, sharing my journey home was the magnificent moon, lying on her back in a perfect crescent, she was so open and giving, and full of so much energy to strive forward.

The moon reminded me of howling wolves, in fact that image was the backdrop to Natasha Khan ( bat for lashes) performance that I had just been to see.  Enjoyable, not the most amazing gig I have seen but it was upbeat and fun.  At the end she reformed with a string quartet and sang some of her fave songs………….  good stuff.

The nicest thing  of all was the venue, the amazing art deco architecture of the De La Warr Pavillion and its amazing helix staircase.

click here to view more images info about the building


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