Its official: swollen battery syndrome :( Oh no !

I awoke on Friday morning to find my precious laptop had swollen……………….  something  deep inside her was growing, was she pregnant I thought?  The battery housing plate was being forced up in a huge curve and the top plate surrounding the  keyboard was being prized off by this alien being swelling inside…  google the findings, rang my Mac man.  It was official my 17″ Macbook Pro has swollen battery system.  This phenomena has hit many, many 17″ Pros, it starts with sudden cut outs, and battery charging symbol not recognising the charger, all of the symptoms mine carried.  Then if left comes the full blow out.

However, on visiting the Genius Bar in Regent street today, they replaced the battery and top plate without any qualms whatsoever………….  what a relief.  So I am back tapping away, lap top bought back to optimum health.  One happy bunny!

2 thoughts on “Its official: swollen battery syndrome :( Oh no !

  1. The same happened to me yesterday morning in Naples, Italy, but they refused to replace it coz they say the program of battery replacing is over. I called four times the PAY number of Apple support and they all agree this isn’t fair but they can’t replace it. They could have replaced it if it damaged the laptop but hopefully it didn’t!
    So i went to two assistance centers here in Naples and they said the same.
    Well I’m stunned and very disappointed. I bought this laptop in november ’08 and I’ve been using it till now in a perfect way treating it like a jewel.
    At the moment I’m working without battery hoping to solve this situation next week.

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