I always wondered where the trains were going?

this is actually a mixed media painting by Julian Schnabell of the man himself, Dennis Hopper, love him or hate him he is an icon of the 60’s and he is about to have a retrospective  exhibition of his photography and paintings at MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles in July.  Conceived only a couple of months ago by the new museum director Jeffrey Deich and curated by Julian Schnabell, they both admit the speed in which this has come together is in part due to the fact that Dennis Hopper has been diagnosed with terminal Prostrate Cancer and before it became to incapacitating he wanted Dennis to be able to choose the pieces he most wanted to exhibit.

In a recent interview he opened it with ““I decided recently, that I am just a middle class farm boy from Dodge City, Kansas…I just always wondered where the trains were going.” coming from a man who is now 73 it made me smile…………  far from the motorcycle man in Easy Rider, that I have to admit seeing when It first came out in the 60’s…….

Entwined, enmeshed, tied up in knots

Not sure where these feeling come from today, but wherever they came from they spurred me to translate them into creating these works.  Maybe its my head, all the ideas, could be lots of mixed emotions all vying for attention.  That feeling of spaghetti, everything enmeshed together, cant untangle into tangible threads……………  Good job I had them I think because I like the results, what do you think?

Murky depths

Sometimes decisions are hard to make,  but in the main I make them quickly, guess its running my own business.  But something I find really hard is waiting for someone to make a decision,  You want an answer but you don’t want to sound too pushy, for me this is the worse scenario because it challenges my need for ‘control”.   I am better at it now, but it still flags up my  “need to know” everything scenario and need it right now.  Sure this comes out of childhood feelings of no control,  so I have spent the most part of my life striving for Control and latterly trying to let go and have NO CONTROL……….. can be exhausting sometimes, but try and and just let everything unfold.  The awful thing is that it can make me very unforgiving of others…………