Resting my brain

The weekend has been full, my head has been full, but now I am giving it a rest…………

I awoke on Saturday morning with a real sense excitement, like a “fizzing” feeling going on inside, and tingly, needing to create something.  My mind seems to go into overdrive and images, colours, thoughts, past journeys, magazine clips, feelings I want to portray, all manner of ideas swirl around like an “eddy” in a stream.  Its as if they get caught, I hold onto them for fear of them flowing away from me, but as they spin the ideas gather and the vortex gets bigger, I cannot express my ideas fast enough and as soon as they are on paper more and more are building………  its exhuasting and my head begins to feel engorged with heat and flickering images until I cant take anymore.

So I have stopped now, paper and perncils, illustrator and laptop are about to be put to bed and I am going to go to bed and rest my weary head.  For tomorrow I am designing, huge spaces, so exciting.

The image is trying to portray how I feel when the brain is in abundant mode, creativity is pulsating and courses through my veins.  (mixed media)

2 thoughts on “Resting my brain

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous piece of art! I love it. And I completely get the crammed, wild, manically must-grab-pen-and-paper-now feeling. It’s as though the creative dragon has awoken and he is ready to have a feast!

    I love that feeling, but it can be exhausting can’t it? I hope you feel fresh and energised in the morning!

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