I always wondered where the trains were going?

this is actually a mixed media painting by Julian Schnabell of the man himself, Dennis Hopper, love him or hate him he is an icon of the 60’s and he is about to have a retrospective  exhibition of his photography and paintings at MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles in July.  Conceived only a couple of months ago by the new museum director Jeffrey Deich and curated by Julian Schnabell, they both admit the speed in which this has come together is in part due to the fact that Dennis Hopper has been diagnosed with terminal Prostrate Cancer and before it became to incapacitating he wanted Dennis to be able to choose the pieces he most wanted to exhibit.

In a recent interview he opened it with ““I decided recently, that I am just a middle class farm boy from Dodge City, Kansas…I just always wondered where the trains were going.” coming from a man who is now 73 it made me smile…………  far from the motorcycle man in Easy Rider, that I have to admit seeing when It first came out in the 60’s…….

One thought on “I always wondered where the trains were going?

  1. Thank you for posting that. I have always been intrigued by Dennis Hopper and am so sad that his time is winding up. I’m so glad that this show has been organized. jan

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