Tears, did this man make me cry or laugh?

I saw Taylor Mac last night at the Soho theatre, he was amazing, so colourful, full of passion and joy, and very surprising to me,  he was so tender, vulnerable and showed great compassion for life.  I was really touched by him in a way I had not at all expected………….  For all his clashingly vibrant dress and his sparkly bejewelled make up was a man that  not only made me roll up with laughter but bought tears to my eyes with his honesty.

In his own words  ” I believe the more personal risk I take in the work the more the audience will relate and see the whole of their humanity reflected back at them.  So, through art, I try to be as masculine, feminine, ugly, beautiful, intelligent, base, chaotic, graceful, joyful, sorrowful, perfect and flawed as I am in real life” and Taylor you achieve all you set out to do and so good to share my evening with you.


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