shed writing

What a very interesting time spent with Tony Gammidge and Jane Fox writing about their installation at the Pheonix Gallery in Brighton last night.  The exhibition ” dream home” inspired their installation called the  shed.  We were invited along to explore the piece and write its story post complletion.  Their collaborative work had no real narrative, they assembled the pieces with “no story” attached, apparently the first time they have produced a piece without being inspired by a storyline, other works they have produced with name s like,”who killed cock robin”  and “Baba Yaga” for instance.

Confronted by a candle lit structure, dismembered pieces of discarded matter from homes around london and brighton, mainly window frames in an assortment of sizes, broken glass, old mirror, a piece of a newel post, streams of candle wax from the many candles  and old cutlery box with rusting knives.  I instantly felt it was screaming at me, luring me in, it wanted to tell me something and it felt very urgent.  We were asked to take some paper,  and sit and watch for awhile, absorb the structure, take in the detail………..

My thoughts were instant, I didnt need the detail, so with my pencil and paper I scribbled down a kind of mind map of words and ideas, it was like the structure, its dismembered pieces all held their individual but collective story and it had been held in  for so long that the need to express it was so strong,  the energy was puling at me, I could feel a real gut wrenching uneasiness, a real sense of foreboding, I new that concealed in the glass were the reflections, the eyes of so many frightened gazes……..   the candles are a way to lead me to it, they are illuminating the way into the darkness.   As I started to write, strangely I became the structure and the saviour,   a dailogue appeared on the paper and as I stared towards the journies end it was becoming more illusive, a mist, a fog descended, would I never know?  Would I reveal the attrocities I saw to my saviour, would I the saviour be able to help …………………  then it was time to close.

So much came up from the vision of  “the shed”, today I feel like I need to write its story in more detail,  will I?  remains to be seen.

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