new take on the classic bust

Now in plaster,  Kathy’s busts, usually in cast concrete giving a dark grey hue,  are now much paler.  These perfectly detailed subjects and with ” interesting ” additions, like tower bridge, tower of london make them extremely desirable and a “must have” for the interior projects I have at hand.  Go to Kathy’s site to see the whole collection

Plaster Busts by Kathy Dalwood.

3 thoughts on “new take on the classic bust

  1. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for posting my plaster busts and so glad you like them! I’ve really become addicted to making them and wherever I am always on the look out for crazy objects to adorn their costumes and headgear. I’ve become increasingly interested in historical figurative sculpture over the last few years – and by making these I’m hoping to get other people to look at this kind of sculpture again. I reckon it’s been out of fashion for a long time so it’s interesting to re-visit it, adding a contemporary spin.
    I love your interior design projects and great use of colour!

    1. You are most welcome Kathy, you work is magic!! I hadn’t realised until I read you blog post on making moulds, that you actually made the hats and decoration, that’s incredible. Hope you dont mind but I have added you to my blog roll.

      1. Delighted to be on your blogroll Carol! you are mine too – blogging is such a great way to meet people! Would love to show you the work in reality so hope you might be able to fit in a studio visit sometime (Queens Park, NW6)

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