Hungry or thirsty?

Mmm, sunday morning, relaxing as usual and thinking of  breakfast……..  or should I say lunch or brunch or just a nice milky coffee.    Decisions, decisions, wish they were alway this simple.   Actually making a decision is really simple, its the framework within which we place the decision that determines if it’s going to be difficult or not.  If we think its going to be difficult, then it is, if we go with our gut instinct, our intuiiton its really simple.   Have you ever been in a situation whereby you cannot see the wood for the trees?  and the more anxious you become the foggier the decision making process becomes?  I know in the past when I am designing and being creative,  I have an initial idea, I put it to oneside because my “mind” begins to tell me this isnt good enough, try something else, and my mind churns out more and more, I get more confused.  Then standing back I look over all the drawings, and  most times go back to the initial thought.  Our intuitive process I believe comes from the soul, then our minds, our intellect kicks in and starts questioning, DONT LISTEN, dont let it take control, it can just lead you into a maze, going around and around.

Well I am off now to make a nice milky bowl of steaming coffee,  decided I was thirsty, just like the bowl below, or is it ?……………….. by Ronit Baranga click here

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