Its been on my mind now for some time, the momentum is building…………..  I receive so many wonderful posts and emails about the papercut gardens I produce, it seems there is a great demand for me to put all my knowledge down on paper and produce a “how to” book.  I dont really know how to go about it, but where there is will there is a way and if I put my mind to it,  it will happen.

When I initially make these “gardens”  I never imagined they would ignite such a positive global  response……….  I knew they were magical, as I made each flower and blew in a prayer of gratitude ,  that something bigger than each flower was happening, they were “made with love”.   If I could impart this same enthusiasm, the  same love and gratitude that I feel when I cut and paste all the petals together into the hands of everyone who will read the book, then I will be a very  happy lady.

So I am putting this out to the universe!!  anyone out there who has any ideas or suggestions on how to go about this then I am open to receive…………….

4 thoughts on “momentum

  1. A brilliant idea, Carol!!! I would definitely be interested in purchasing said book 🙂 I unfortunately have no idea how to go about creating it though other than to just go for it. I think any publisher of fine crafting/decorating books would grab you up in no time. I think you can certainly do it.

    Perhaps start with posting a few “how-tos” here on your blog. I know several of the recent splash of new food writing books have all started as blogs. Then you will have something to show a prospective publisher, and you would also have user feedback/comments on the project and perhaps even users’ submissions for the project which would back up your proposal even more.

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