nothing can beat this

Time for a beak, sitting in front of the computer all day, more and more I seem to sit here for days on end.  A welcome break was required and a welcome  cup of tea and accompanying  biscuit, cant be beaten, especially if the biscuit is a McVities Digestive.

I heard from the horses mouth that McVitie, although they make digestives for many own brand companies, they do not use their “secret” recipe for anyone else but themselves.  No wonder any other make seems inferior………  and they have been making them since the late 1800’s!  When I took this image with my iphone yesterday I hadnt actually eaten a biscuit in a long, long time.  I had totally forgotten just how delicious digestives are, there perfect sweetness, not to sugary and sickly, their crumbly textture, no wonder they are a no.1 best selling biscuit.  Of course they make a chocolate covered version, introduced in the 1920’s, and I love chocolate but for me the unadorned  plain round disc’s golden hue wins everytime

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