In my bedroom stands this large bronze statue of “the archer”.  He is so graceful, long lean limbs, muscles taught as he draws back his bow.    However, over the past years he has become laden with all my necklaces, bracelets and an assortment of jewellery until he has become totally burdened with them all.  Only his head now can just be seen.  Reminds me of how I felt a few months back, burdened by all my possessions.    Bit by bit I have been selling things off,  not much left now, a few straggling pieces that are just here untill I have sorted the last pieces.  Then what?  I am interior designer you would think I would be on the ball and getting to grips with making it home again, but something is liking this emptiness….. watch this space.

Think its time I unburdened this poor man though,  must think of a way to use all the jewels and beads in a creative way rather than taking to charity store………  must be able to make something, anybody out there have any good ideas ?

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