felted with Kashmir shawls

I have just purchased a wonderful felted woollen blanket, fabulously rich colours.  Vintage kashmir paisley felted together with stripes of woollen felt in delicous fruity colours.  Found in a wonderful little shop in Woodbridge that was just oozing with colour.    Chatted away with Julie Phipps , a lovely lady who is most passionate about her products, we found that we both frequented Maison Objet in Paris and just how inspirational this exhibitions is, it puts our UK trade shows to shame………..

I found my way here because I was spending a long weekend in Suffolk, at a wonderful “dolls house” like cottage.  The owners were so attentive,  when we arrived the table was all laid up for tea with a delicous handmade victoria sponge taking pride of place on pretty cakestand.  Cosy pub lunches, walks by the sea, reading books by the fire, what more could one wish for………



sunset and sea

I enjoyed a most creative day with a dear friend of mine in her studio.   She is a felt maker, and we sat together , chatted about our creative endeavours, and  what was inspiring us, we pulled out lovely coloured wools, my selection inspired by the beautiful sunsets down at the sea that I had been photographing over the month I had off from work.   I had gathered a stone that was really special to me and the sunsets themselves so significant.  So away we went, laying out the strands of wool in the sunset hues, soaping and rubbing.  I knew I wanted some kind of tendrils, not sure why, but now I can see.  My finished pouch that holds my treasured stone has taken on the life of a sea creature, perhaps an anemone e or a squid like being.  I am so pleased with the piece, it feels so special and has become a very treasured object.

A walk down memory lane

One glance, one glimpse of the colour, the lettering and you are there, a real walk down memory lane.  Household names, happy memories, childhood treats, childhood games, it all comes flooding back…………..  Nor sure if I want it to really, its all so long ago, but I have to say these packages bought back happy memories.  When I would be sent up the corner shop to buy 2 eggs, not 12….. and sugar weighed out exactly to your need, 2 ozs and in a thick blue paper bag.  A cup of hot bovril was my favourite, sweet things made me feel sick,  when I came in from the cold and snow with freezing cold soggy mittens. .  My grandmother would come and cook  us syrup sponge pudding sometimes on a sunday, and bring biscuits with iced animals on.  Mum  always baked a pie, apple mostly with birds custard r and it was my job to mix the powder, some sugar and milk together in readyness for mum to pour on the hot milk……….. Yuk custard, blancmange, rice and set egg custard, jelly, ice cream  to me were absolutely revolting, but nonetheless all this still makes me smile.