Life’s mysteries

Strolling along, no hurry just leisurely walking and taking in the birds singing, time to think, time to ponder over life’s mysteries.  Walking amongst the trees and flowers and feeding the ducks, wonderful past time.

I came across this little pair of little goslings, so cute and so inquisitive………  they didn’t seem to mind at all that I was taking their photograph.

Look at this wonderful old tree trunk, kind of voluptuous and giving, full of stories and wisdom, I wonder what she has seen during her life span?

The sun is warming my face and arms, round and round it travels, but actually we are orbiting the sun  and at the very same time we orbit the sun, the moon is actually orbiting us!  If we look down from the north pole   both are doing so in a counterclockwise position.  I find this extraordinary, so much happens everyday out there in the cosmos, the vast sea of planets and the stars that fill our night sky, I have to say the enormity of all overwhelms at times, I feel dwarfed by its vastness.

I wonder how many years this wise old tree has seen the sun rise and set?  I have seen it do so for more years than I care to remember, but I guess with so many of these instances under my belt I too am becoming wise.   Beginning to understand more clearly the life, death, life cycles, how important they are if we are to move forward and make space for new learning.  I had a huge death a few months back, someone died who had played a huge part in my life and with it went so much that I had been holding onto.  Now I have space, a space for new things to grow, new beginnings are stirring…………………  in some way part of me feels like these little goslings,  moving forward into a world full of wonder and new possibilities

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