trying to maintain a vegetarian diet without getting bored and having to eat bowls of beans has been a bit of a challenge of late.  Being a carnivore most of my life. one day I just awoke with the need to stop, something was telling me that my energy was too dense, that I needed to feel lighter, and so I just stopped munching the flesh.  I wasnt’t that I was a huge meat eater, but I think it was more out of habit and the need to eat protien.  Why this need suddenly dissipated is a mystery, but I do feel better for it for sure.  The only thing being, is that pulses and grains leave me feeling  little bloated, so have to be a little more creative in the food making stakes……………..  tonight efforts centred around kirsty’s homegrown veg, fresh from her garden, some rice, nut kind of loaf mix formed into burger shapes with red peppers, spring onions and flat leaf parsley.  they were tasty but a bit mushy, but the rosemary roasted potatoes went down a treat.

Eggs and cheese I am reducing too, I was beginning to OD on these, every breakfast in fact, omlettes, scrambled, poached and fried !   not anymore, porridge oats cooked with water until thick and  creamy, scoop into bowl with a spoonful of cream on top !!  Thanks Andreas Moritz for letting me know a little cream and butter are ok !!  I purchased and carried out a liver flush from his now famous book.

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