Creative honouring in education

I have just listened to Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on TED, an inspiration.

He talks of children who fall foul of expansion in their creativity because education is only about producing left brain thinkers, every child is forced into that mould, some escape, but most are forced in this modern production line to produce fodder for commercial corporate business operations. We have even devised complex levels of testing throughout childhood, that actually honours those who toe the line, and the ones who get it wrong are seen as failures.

Creativity is there in all children, there are no thoughts of right or wrong, children use their imagination, its free flowing. In adulthood it is such a different picture, creativity has been crushed, we are forced to act and think in a certain way that is seen as “right” and woe betide if you get something wrong. Ken has a certain way of putting all this across, his analogy of the modern man as being a head and brain, with our bodies just their to transport it around is a great analogy. Our body has a heart, this is where creativity presides and it is here, that in my latter life I have learnt to live from. My hat of to you Ken !!

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