Been awhile

Havent posted in awhile, and now two posts………  Have been a bit preoccupied, my little Lilly has been fading away, until she finally died in my arms a week  ago.  I shall miss her, she has been my friend for 15 years.  Its so sad when they go, this is my second one, Ferdy her playmate, both persian,  died a couple of years ago.

4 thoughts on “Been awhile

  1. Hi carol. Ive stumbled upon your beautiful and talented work. Do you sell your pieces? There was no contact info for you so i am just leaving this comment. Hope you are feeling better:) happy holidays

  2. May I ask where you got your beauties from? I know it’s been a long time…I too lost a beautiful Persian of 17 years and for months have been looking for a high quality cat.

    1. Hello Rachel, sad to hear about the loss of your little cat. Its a painful process losing a pet………….. I am sorry I cannot help you here, the breeder gave up many years ago. How about contacting a specialist group, I am sure there must be a persian cat society?

      I have been cat free since Lilly and Ferdy died, haven’t been able to fill their space yet, it just doesnt feel right.

      Warmest wishes

      1. I know exactly how you feel. I have had emotional ups and downs over my Walters death. Sometimes I still can’t even talk about it without breaking down. I have been in contact with a few networks, but I’m looking for a special high quality Persian. I actually found a lady who has beautiful dearhearts, but she only sells female and I have my heart set on another little boy, being that I have a female Maltese that I acquired shortly after the death of Walter out of grief trying to fill that space…I didn’t. She took to my husband instead.

        Your cats were absolutely beautiful. I really honestly feel your pain. My Walter passed sept 30th 2010, I see yours is even more recent. Hang in there.

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