the flowering

Mmmm perhaps a lttle early to think about flowers…………..  they are still magical memories held in seeds, bulbs, way down in that dark soil, over wintering and so full of possibillity.  Its a good feeling knowing these wonderfully colourful plants are gathering their energy in readiness for that enormous push through the soil as the days lengthen and the sun becomes increasingly warmer.  Puts me in mind of Persephone, she has plunged down into the underworld now, but come the spring and she will burst forth bringing that spark of creation, the green and beautiful land will once again blossom.

wet on wet watercolour

3 thoughts on “the flowering

  1. Hello Carol, I love your white paper flowers………………..I am looking for artists for my floral design studio in Milwaukee Wi. I would love to talk with you about showcasing a few of your pieces in my space. Please visit my website. Keep blooming & cutting. My best, Miki Herman, owner MOSS Floral Design

    1. Thanks for your comment and asking about showing my work. At present I am so full on with work, no time at present for paper cutting. Have looked at your lovely website, sure looks lovely, wich you success and happiness in your venture !!

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