The call of the wild

Hello to all who follow my ramblings, I would like to say thank you and also wish you good things in your life during this new year, a momentous one I suspect.

For me I want to live in abundance in all things, in life, in love, in spirit, in creativity, in health, in grace, in courage and above all in my wildness.  The latter is so important to us all, for with this we can reach our true potential. My wildness can cause sparks to fly, to love with immense passion, it can steer me of course sometimes with hard lessons learnt but it has enabled me to find my true instinctual and intuitive self and believe in her!

I love these words by Clarissa Pinkola Estes,  they just might inspire you, I hope so………………….

The way to maintain one’s connection
to the wild
is to ask yourself
what is it that you want.

One of the most important discriminations
we can make in this matter
is the difference between things that beckon to us
and things that call from our souls.

We choose a thing because
it just happened to be beneath
our noses at that moment in time.
It is not necessarily what we want,
but it is interesting,
and the longer we gaze at it,
the more compelling it becomes.

When we are connected
to the instinctual self,
to the soul of the feminine
which is natural and wild,
then instead of looking over
whatever happens to be on display,
we say to ourselves,

“What am I hungry for?”
Without looking at anything outwardly,
we venture inward and ask,
“What do I long for?
What do I wish for now?
What do I crave?
What do I desire?
For what do I yearn?”

It takes spirit,
and soulfulness
and it often means……….
holding out for what one wants.


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