18 more days to go and they appear to be going very slowly !!    This is a first, I have ever broken a bone in my life !!  To be incapacitated in this way has been a lesson in patience, this is for sure.  Not being able to walk out in nature and unable to drive the car have been the two most causes of frustration for me.

For those who know me, I love walking in nature, especially by the sea.  I can think of nothing better to walk along the beach or sit and meditate as the sun rises slowly above the horizon.  Similarly bathing in the glow of a coral sunset is something I can only dream of at the moment.

Its strange how the time with my foot seems to be dragging along, counting the days appears to be making it stretch further into the distance but in my interior design practice always working and planning ahead time seems to fly !  Yesterday we worked out our plan of current projects for the year and beyond, from now until July haven’t time to breath an inch, in July a small gap fit in a holiday and then its all go again until end of feb 2013 and more coming up for air again.

What have I learned in these weeks as they pass, guess its how I don’t allow enough time for myself.  Always thinking of my responsibilities to others and always putting my needs in the background.  Guess that comes from having my ruling planet as Saturn with qualities of discipline and responsibillity  I also realise that if I am to get space to fulfil my needs then I do have to share my knowledge, teach others, inspire them to bring out their talents and let my company expand again.  I never wanted a large company, and back a few years ago it was much bigger than it is now, but with all the work coming in like a tsunami wave the need here is to grow to enable everything to function.

My Sun is Capricorn and my birthday is actually tomorrow, just begun to see a link, the goat is surefooted, climbing the mountain to the top !!  it’s a sea goat too, hence my connection with walking by the sea!   I broke my foot, my sure footed one? , why?  Will have to meditate on this one………………

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