Busy Busy or is just a state of mind.

Am I busy? is it a frame of mind?  yes I have a lot on that has to be said, but I am noticing that when I keep thinking and saying I am so busy how am I going to fit everything in, then the feeling of never having enough time seems to permeate my day.  Neve feel  I am making headway.  So now I am beginning to realise i need to replace this view, its not serving me at all!!  “There is enough time”, just holding this thought I notice a different vibrational quality, this is going to become my new mantra.

So today I am up at 4.30, have done my meditation, written my morning pages, which is a must and so helpful to me to empty my thoughts and write it out so to speak.  Its now 7, still pitch black outside, going to make breakfast, grated apple, desert spoon each of jumbo oats,  sunflower, flax and pump seeds and then when all stirred into the wet shards of apple I put a dollop of Rachel’s greek style natural yog on top.  Sometimes in my homemade yoghurt, but not this morning.

then it will be off to the office, have to finish of an apartment design, continue with a presentation for Feb 1, continue ongoing work on 7 other projects, keep calm and meet a supplier and keep telling myself “there is enough time”  Its full on no doubt but if I take my day in my stride, hold a knowingness that each day unfolds in precisely the correct fashion, what gets done today  is what is meant, and for each day as it unfolds…………..

Today’s image is a mandala I sketched out in a state of ecstasy and purest joy, after dancing five rhythms for 90 mins I was on such a high, I am going to link this image with my Mantra, so everytime I say “there is enough time” I can call up this feeling too………

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