marathon in many ways

camera out of juice and so is my i-phone.  But  I am sitting in this chair looking out the same window watching and clapping the many sweaty , gasping bodies  on the road below,  running the T Wells Half Marathon.  Good for them, but by the sounds of the grunting and groaning it doesnt sound like something that is pleasurable or enjoyable.   Apart from the feelings of joy when you actually step over the finish line.    I remember many years back standing along Birdcage walk waiting  for the arrival of my daughter, and remember feeling she looked so happy, carefeee and light…………….    My thoughts back then, were “one day” I would do it, however, over 20 years later and I still havent done it or even  had the feelings of being able to.  

the years have passed like  a “life” marathon, enduring and coping with the highs and lows life throws at us.  I could never have guessed what lay ahead of me all those years back, and of course it makes me wonder what is in store for me. I know that the next 20 months are going to be so full in many creative ways , an abundance of good things that feels so enriching.  my creativity has taken me on a journey that has been scary, terrifying even, but through this marathon of  lifes trials I have grown and stretched myself to cope with the new horizons ahead,  Just like the runners passing me at this moment, the sense of achievement when one surpasses the pain barrier is immense.

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