Dream State

yesterday I bought myself an amazing hand made book all about the night life of trees.  Each page hand screen printed with the most exquisitely detailed drawings in blue, white, turqoise, green all on black paper.

today in my doodlings my unconcious mind was trying to connect with those trees I am sure, all about the seeds we plant, how they incubate in the darkness and one can see in sketch that they are taking shape, little buds still slumbering in their dream state.  Dreaming of who they are to become.

Think I would love to make a beautiful book like the one I bought, not sure how to go about it.  Guess will have to learn some book making skills !

Man on the Moon

August 25 2012 – RIP Mr Armstrong

July 29th 1969 – I had been married for just 42 days, so full of optimism, energy and in awe of the men who were going to walk on the moon.  The 60’s they would soon be over, a decade that I would not want to live through again, but one that continues to inspire generations.  A somewhat over glamorised era, but nonetheless one that spawned so many “greats” in so many areas, musicians, poets, authors, artists………..  and Neil Armstrong who will live on , forever being known as the fist man to walk on the Moon, what an accolade !

All those years ago, there was I, lying on my purple sofa cuddled up with a blanket, atop white shag pile carpet, black and white Bridget Riley curtains, and a hand painted “silver” potable TV !!  Waiting with baited breath fo the moment when Apollo’s lunar module would finally touch down.  It was so exciting to look out at the dark night sky and see the moon shining down, knowing there were men who were going to land there, in a way totally unbelievable, who would of thought it possible………….  then at last it was broadcast after what seemed forever, very fuzzy black and white footage of Neil Armstrong  finally climbing down the modules steps and placing his feet on the moons surface.

There was I, sitting alone, new husband fast asleep upstairs, thinking how could he sleep on such a momentous occasion?  Guess I should have seen the differences in our temperaments then, but I was in love, full of optimism for our future together, it lasted just over 25 years, some happy, some not so, but hey ho, life goes on…………..

One thing that never left me from the Apollo launches and that was the view of earth from space. I always hoped that one day I would see that for myself, I live in hope !!


first of the season

Who would believe, such an awful summer and only a couple of weeks ago, although fig tree laden, they were as hard as rock

Then today, as I passed by I saw ONE that had started to turn purple, this variety does not turn fully dark and purple, but it green and violet.  Anyhow,squeezed it gently and to my amazement its plump flesh was lusciously soft to the touch.  Plucked from the tree I savoured it to have after my dinner, as I drew  the fig in near to my mouth its sweet heady perfume filled my nostrils, and as my teeth sunk deep into the flesh, an explosion of succulent sweetness touched my taste buds, its deep pinky purple flesh flashing scarlet in my hand, what a delight, and to think I have loads more to follow.  Mr Sun please keep shining !!

I just had a look to see if I recorded anything about my figs last year.  Low and behold I posted on the exact same day !!  only at that time there was a whole bowl full !






St Andrew’s , Hambelton, Rutland

Beautiful church in the lovely village of Hambleton, carved angels and cherubim and even boasts windows by Edward Burne Jones.  I hadn’t realised just how picturesque all the villages around Rutland Water, actually were.  Limestone built cottages, some thatch, some stone tiled, all very unspoilt.

the carvngs inspired me to paint, not sure the effect is quite what I wanted, but I enjoyed painting with my easel out in the sunshine