Monday morning blues, oh dear have those feelings today, of oh no, its cold, drizzling and so much to be done, I just want to stay here in the peace and solitude of home.

Weekend was just not long enough.  I know once i start in a mo, all will be well and tomorrow going to take a look at how the next project is coming along.

But for now the feelings are  here, just had a thought “the blues” ,  my bedroom is blue? hope this is not a knock on effect ?

Blue is a calming colour, promotes tranquility and its also about communication too. So NO, I don’t think my bedroom colour is responsible

here are some image of  blue’s complimentary colour, Yellow, just in case there is any doubt……





Blue, blue and blue

this seems to be the colour of choice for me at the moment.  I have just had my bedroom painted Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball…………

Somehwhile back my bedroom was given the once over by a diviner, I dont sleep well and without telling the guy he told me to move my bed around as a negative energy line was running across my bed.  My bedroom is split level, this caused probs as not enough wall, because of a chimney breast , to put my bed against.   So to cut a long story short I have had the chimney breast extended and new fittied in sheliving.  All now Hague Blue.

Its looking good, now I am begginning to put back some of my old furniture as well as choosing some new,  give it a few weeks and I think I will be a happy bunny

Dark blue rooms I love at the moment, here are a few that inspired me

The Calm after the Storm

Home at last, back in the calm of my newly decorated bedroom!  Long story for another time, energy lines, changing bed around, dark blue !!

The last couple of weeks have been away installing a project in the Derbyshire Hills, extremely hectic, exhausting  but in the end quite exhilarating when you look around and see the vision I have been holding for such a long time come to fruition

Such a beautiful area Derbyshire,  this last weekend relaxed a little at the Riverside Hotel in Ashford in the Water, such a picturesque village, with its little stone bridge, church and cottages.

My work, courtesy of Yao photography

Ashford in the Water