A quilt from the heart

Wow I am humbled, I have just come across the most amazing quilts all made in  by the beautiful creative women of GEES BEND, ALABHAMA.

striking  powerful colours, their abstract vision, made from scraps of clothes, bed sheets, work clothes, some from as far back as the Great Depression.

These women have amazing stories, heart wrenching stories of the depression, the hardship and struggle, and yet there there were making scrap quilts to adorn the walls to keep out the wind in their cabins and to keep their children warm and night

Watching one of the videos on you tube one lady said these words

” Back then nobody had nothing and everyone was happy. Now a days everybody has everything and everybody is unhappy”. These ladies may have talking about quilting, but to those who will listen they teach the best life lessons.

We can all learn from these beautiful women.


I tell you it bought tears to my eyes, these are REAL quilts made from somewhere deep in the soul




Missouri Pettway, 1902-1981. Blocks and strips work-clothes quilt, 1942, cotton, corduroy, cotton sacking material, 90 x 69 inches. Missouri’s daughter Arlonzia describes the quilt: “It was when Daddy died. I was about seventeen, eighteen. He stayed sick about eight months and passed on. Mama say, ‘I going to take his work clothes, shape them into a quilt to remember him, and cover up under it for love.’ She take his old pants legs and shirttails, take all the clothes he had, just enough to make that quilt, ahd I helped her tore them up. Bottom of the pants is narrow, top is wide, and she had me to cutting the top part out and to shape them up in even strips.”

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My new year starts today

two weeks of rest and relaxation and I am ready to face the world again.  Its been an amazingly fruitful time, as being away from my own environment have felt free of the normal daily burdens that can sometimes reign in the creative process.  Towards the end of last year and rather by accident I stumbled into the area of quilt making: making several as christmas presents was quite enthralling. The colour mixes one can achieve is so magical.  Being a complete novice and going totally solo with it I seemed to be making it up as I go along !   The quilts so far have just been throw size, but larger bed quilts beckon,  although at the moment they do feel rather daunting, not from the piecing side of things, but from the quilting aspect.    I can see that I may end up with lots of quilted top pieces and not attempting the quilting.  Guess I could always send them away to be quilted

I would like to share this video which I have found  on the Contemporary fabrics blog.  It’s a catwalk show with designers piecing together patterned fabrics.  I found this really inspiring, hope you do too…………………..

So much to say but have to get on with the day job,  adios folks, have a great day


New workshop to start the year 2013

As above so below

A new year has dawned and as the world shifts into a new gear, 2013 will herald in a new paradigm………………..  togetherness, the group, the collective…………. I am facillitating a new workshop with two very special friends, this will be our 6th that we have taken to Malta, as always everyone is invited to attend.

A shamanic workshop for a new world – As Above So Below – February 8th-10th

As the Old World order continues its decline and disintegration, we are experiencing the birth of a New World, one prophesied by indigenous peoples across the globe. Whilst we need to continue to work on ourselves as individuals in body, mind and spirit, the focus is increasingly on working together as groups and even more widely as part of a global, and potentially cosmic network. The Inca talk of this time, which they call “Taripaypacha” or “time of rediscovering ourselves”, as a time when “ayni” or harmony will be restored between peoples and between the worlds. This will be a time of new ways of working collectively, in tune with the Cosmos. This workshop, the sixth in a series of occasional events which began in 2008 in Malta, will utilize a beautiful and powerful set of shamanic processes and ceremonies to support and guide participants on a journey from self, to group and finally to the collective. In doing so we will be modeling the way we wish to be in this New World.

Whether you have been with us before, or are new to this work, we are very keen to connect to as many people as we can, so please join us