from sun to snow

Beginning of the week was 10 degrees , blue skies and sunshine, today, Saturday, its thick white skies, flakes a fluttering and snow-capped roof tops and -1 degrees

I love the way snow seems to blanket sound, everything is quiet, like time stands still.  The colours of snow reminded me of a piece of work I made . It started life as grisaille painting, a still life of some treasured items of mine , silver and reflective.  Taking a photograph of it to study the tonal qualities I started to play with it digitally and turned it to this……………  exactly what today has conjured up for me


tablescape week 1  pattern 2 SF I call this my  snow mandala


tablescape week 1 detailthis is the original piece of work , a creative  exercise in trying to capture differing qualities of metal, stone, and shiny objects


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