Where does time go??  its been so long since I have been in a space to “create” , well create in the way I have on this blog.  If I stop and reflect on these weeks gong past, I can find it kind of scary that not only have I stopped creating for my own pleasure, but that ” time “is running faster than ever and all the yesterdays just memories stored away somewhere for future use, or just forgotten or displaced by   some other more important scenario.

Time and living can only ever be in the moment, its right under our noses as each second unfolds, if we are authentic and conscious of these moments we can extract much pleasure in the unfolding.

Never look back or hanker for anything of the old even if at the time it seemed very good. There are far more wonderful things in the New so never be afraid or reluctant to leave all the old behind.

I have spent years trying to rid myself of memories, or at least ones that impinge on “self”  the ones that hold me back, bring me fear, justify my inability to carry out something creative and so on and so forth.    I used to think ” Time” was like a long thread reaching in the distance either side of me , one end tethered at  my birth  with images of the past pegged on like photographs in a dark room hanging up to dry, and the other end tethered at the point where life here on earth will be extingguished.  All the while edging along second by second, day by day, year by year until I reached the end.

Time,  seen as linear, brings up all kinds of fear, it  becomes such a precious commodity because it feels as if its length is finite.  and feelings its finite makes each moment locked in a memory that must never be forgotten.  This whole paradigm bring about a real lack mentality, like there is “never is enough” time,  so we either cram to much into our lives, run around like headless chickens to feel that we are not wasting “time”   or we live our lives from these stored up memories because we hold so much value to them and never really enjoy the living moment, totally fearing the future in case it is going for-shorten the time we have left; how sad.  think of time as the moment and hold onto the fact that time if you need to equate it, is circular, like a spiral, never ending…………..

Never look back or hanker for anything of times past,  even if  it seemed very good. There are far more wonderful things in the new moments as they unfold,  forget time and live each moment to the full

Just like right now, I am tapping away on my laptop, enjoying the suns rays shining down on my face, its warm, the birds are singing and I am enjoying my two new house guests………………..  what more could I possibly need right now !

Pasha and SeershaPashaseersha

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