Breakfasting on fresh figs, first pickings from the tree, really honeyed sweet flesh.  Last year I began picking a week earlier!  Would have thought with all the lovely sunshine of late they would have been earlier.  So worth waiting for.  Listening to delightful sounds of an Armenian choir, this floated into my in box via thankyou ghadah


first plate of figs this year

Shaved beets

tonight’s dinner was a real feast to the eye, so much so that I just had to take a photo !!  It tasted just as good as it looked, with shaved beetroot, apple, carrot, cucumber and courgette with mustard and lemon vinaigrette and after the photo I added toasted cashews. For me to enjoy my food it has to look nice too, I eat with my eyes………….    I have been growing courgettes and french bean in huge pots outside my office,  pleasantly surprised at how prolific these have been.