its coming, can feel it my bones

Hallelujah! it’s coming, I can feel it my bones…………   The creative life can be such a roller coaster of emotions, for some time now its really felt quite barren, a wasteland ,  a desert where the seeds of creation would just not take root.  Even the day job where I am constantly walking around in my  heads own version of virtual reality, was looking a little lack lustre.  I have been so busy, such a huge amount of pressure since March, not conducive to a free spirit who needs to fly without constraints. Too much Pressure squeezes the creative mind dry, like a blockage I suppose and the ideas become stuck.

Wednesday a rush came to me,   like a real high, so many things have been racing through my mind, colours of prussian blue, magenta and turquoise, aubergines, organising a holiday on the island of Hydra,  working out recipes for dinner tomorrow night, indian stuffed vegetables, wonderful purple hues and the aromas of cardamom.  For some reason All along the Watchtower started playing in my head, and I just had to play it out loud, gimme shelter too, how strange? real blasts from the past………  Cherry ice cream, purple thick compote………..  sketched a dress to be made to take on holiday,

This is how it usually starts, it’s as if the creative mind has a life of its own, it lies dormant, guess it’s resting, taking a restorative break perhaps, like Persephone  travelling to the depths of the underworld for 6 months until she is ready to come back up and create that spark that brings nature back into growth.

Be good to hear how this creative minefield affects you!

above are a few things that have been coursing through me recently




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