One thought on “Blue

  1. Blue

    I’m staring down an infinite telescope
    Looking at infinite universes
    Cascading away into infinite futures;
    Unsure of which is mine, which can I call home.
    So I sit here, in the cold high gothic tower
    Wondering how I got this far up;
    Staring down at possibilities, potentialities,
    Wondering where everybody else is;
    Then I see them, small as ants
    Scuttling across the ground miles below me.
    Have I invested too much in this relationship,
    Leaving not enough of me?
    Am I stuck here, in the “supervisor’s office”
    Or, can I still climb down the spiral staircase and re-join the world?

    Then, as I sat there in this eerie cold,
    The Angels appeared again, same as before,
    Azrael on one side and Uriel the other
    Flaming Sword and the Book of Words
    And I know again, as before,
    That neither of these are my companions.
    They do not indicate my path, my choice, my calling.
    My desire is onward to the small blue light of peace.
    So I wait, not in fear and trepidation, not in impatience, but quietly,
    For the storms to roll away, the tears to pass and clear skies return.
    So I may continue along the rock strewn pathway to re-join my people.
    To find again the small blue light that burnt and claimed me
    That reunites all generations of the cloud people.
    Lapis Lazuli, Giotto, Titian, Klein, Bill Anders, Apollo
    All follow a similar dream
    To bring the blue back home

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