Hells bells, it’s been a month since I posted


Bells, they toll, ring out their happy sounds that christmas is a coming, how I love them now and cannot think of anything nicer than singing carols on christmas eve at the midnight service.

Bells for me have a hidden agenda though, who would believe this strong strident women  I became, as a child,  was absolutely terrified of the sound of church bells.  I froze on the spot,  unable to move with abject fear.  Visions of the the huge church tower and steeple springing forth these horrid black stick like legs and arms and coming to ger ME.  This small helpless child !  I shudder now when I think of this but happily now I love the sound, they open my heart and fill me with joy !!  It took many years though !!  and having just celebrated my crone wisdom and written my cronedom vowels: this will give you some indication of just how long it took!

Yes its a month to the day that I posted here last, not much of a blogger eh!  Oh well, another to list of things that perhaps I am not so good at, guess you get to learn your strengths and weaknesses over the years and just try and concentrate on the “good” list !!

Just like to wish you all a wonderful festive holiday however you to choose to spend this time .  I have two weeks off now to recharge the batteries, to enjoy my home.  Today its wrapping up presents by the fire, and not thinking about the housework or the ironing or the hundred and one things I could be doing.  just happy thoughts of time with my children and my travels to scotland (the land of my father!) to celebrate the new year.

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