twice along the front, tea, twombly and In the Realms of Others………….

IMG_6881Bracing, crashing, brooding waves, a huge undulating swell and boiling, bubbling breaking high up on the beach.

Came out for a breath of fresh air, stretch my legs and walk off all the goodies I have been tucking away these last christmas days

Bexhill, De La Warr Pavillon  is exhibiting  Cy Twombly’s  four seasons, on loan from Tate,  I did see them way back 10 or more years and the  impact on me was just the same…………….  do they resonate with me, No.  Do they take my breath away, No.  Do I like them, Yes. They are large and impactful, you  can definitely see the elements.  Was I bowled over, No.

There was another exhibition here too, IN THE REALMS OF OTHERS, work produced by fourteen “makers “with profound intellectual impairment .  For me I found this really challenging, even the description of the people.   S really uncomfortable place watching a short film of a kind of day in the life of making the art.  In fact ART PROJECTS do not call the works produced “art “OR do they call the people involved “artists”.  All felt very voyeuristic like I was watching something very close and personal without their permission.  Yes the people involved appeared to enjoy the mark making, so yes this was very positive and clear to see.  Also the pieces were strong and colourful and graphic in feel. But try as I might the uncomfortableness would not shift and when I reached the end, there was a wall of questions, statements by the public to gather up subjects for further discussion, many felt what I had felt, and that made me feel I was not alone in these thoughts.

I realised today that the pavilion in its original design had a circular swimming pool and a long jetty out to sea where you would walk to the end and climb to the top of high platforms where you could dive elegantly into the english channel.  Another thing I learnt that Herbrand Edward Dundonald Brassey Sackville, 9th Earl De La Warr  , was the first hereditary peer to join the labour Party and the  youngest government minister at age 23.  If it wasn’t for his his socialist views we wouldn’t have this beautiful pavilion built for the people of Bexhill where he was Mayor

IMG_6861IMG_6863 IMG_6865


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