A new year to remember – 2015

Or should I be saying a new year of memories.  Yes, memories, lots of them, at my age there are many of new years past.  Spectacular feasts, balloons tumbling from the ceiling, cruising down the Nile, many many parties, both at home, abroad and at friends.  A lot of “expectations” never met, missed bell chimes, to much drink to remember seeing the New Year in, crawling home in the freezing snow across the common, apologising to babysitters for being late home, and in the early years having to get up for work the next day.  New Years Day has not always been a bank holiday would you believe.

This year I shall be sitting by the fire, enjoying my own company and sipping damson vodka

I have always found this time of year inspiring, starting a new clean page tomorrow, its really exciting and tonight will be thinking of what it is I would like, not only for myself but something that I can do that will enrich the lives of others………….  I became totally overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness in 2015, but this year I understand I cannot change the entire world, but I can stretch out to mend the part of the world that is within my reach………Of this I shall ponder

One of my resolutions and there are a few at the moment is to keep an Art Diary, I already write on a near daily basis, but this year I thought I would sketch too.  Just lately mind is in overdrive, it will not let me rest properly, these past days have seen my create so many things……………

Here is small collection of things that I have made and items that have inspired me whilst on my christmas break


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