Driven to abstraction

what a storm, Katie certainly shook the rafters !!  The wind howled through the sashes creating a sound almost like a group of wind instruments, trumpets and trombones !  Have floor floor to ceiling windows and thought the wind was going to break through the glass at any moment !  Lucky for all was intact when I awoke this morning.

The sun came up and The Jerwood beckoned, ended up a really lovely day.  Lunch there affords a fantastic view, the sea was rough, a huge swell of swirling waves, looked tremendously powerful.  Piper and Bratby beckoned, the latter not my cup of tea, in fact I felt so rattled by his works, his wife’s exposed anatomy and endless photographs of her in boots and macs that I escaped to the works of Piper, altogether much more my style….  I knew of his later works, painting of historical buildings, his prints and designs for textiles and book jackets, his stained glass for Coventry Cathedral that I visited in the late 60s but I hadn’t realised that back in the 30’s he devoted a whole period to abstracts, some of which were on show…………  All in all a great Easter break, back to the pressure of designing tomorrow, am I looking forward to it, NO!


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